Ability Speaks: Tariq Anwar

Ability Speaks: Tariq Anwar

Born and raised in Ottawa, solo singer/songwriter, heavily influenced by early 90’s grunge, old-school Motown and Canadian artists like The Tragically Hip, Hayden, The Headstones and Neil Young, Tariq’s original material does not easily fall under any single genre.


 I like to play for causes I believe in and I support AFO because I love what they do. Teaching everyday skills in order to integrate those that live with disabilities into society while giving them a sense of purpose and boosting their self-esteem in the process is a noble cause.  I have friends and family that have had similar types of training and integration support and to see them excel in their lives and become independent people is truly amazing.


Thank you to our sponsor

Thank everyone for coming to this event and supporting AFO. This was a great event thank you everyone who to shared online (Boom’s Dylan Black), our awesome participants, to the families who came, to our sponsor Helena Guzman and to Tariq Anwar for coming and sharing his awesome talent.