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Shop from one of our partners and a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to Ability First Ottawa. 


Buy a shirt to show your support for Ability First Ottawa.

These beautiful metallic foil printed 50/50 cotton-polyester blend shirts are made by Bootleg Buttons and come in a variety of print colours. $10 for every shirt sold goes to Ability First Ottawa.







Order custom flowers for your love ones and add a personal message or photo or even logo.




We’re an online, app-based person-to-person rental marketplace. Our platform allows verified users to post their under-utilized tools, equipment, household items (and more) for rent.

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UpTown Socks: eSOX

Direct statement from: Jarrod Goldsmith

Hey sock-lovers, we have something pretty cool for you (and just in time for the holidays)! Get a funky pair of #eSOX and help raise funds for CHEO (Max Keeping Foundation), Ottawa Network for Education / Réseau d’Ottawa pour l’Éducation and Ability First Ottawa!

PLUS, our friends Rob Stewart of ROBCO Swimming Pool Services and Doug Bates of Brown Bag Event Co. will EACH BE MATCHING donations. If you want to be part of this amazing movement to support these charities with also offering a matching donation contact us for details! info@eSAX.ca

Order now! https://eSAX.ca/eSOX

So excited that we already have Rob Stewart and Doug Bates EACH MATCHING ALL DONATIONS!! If any other organizations want to get on-board please send them my-way! info@eSAX.ca



Photo Credit: Janet Seto-Slatter; https://www.facebook.com/HUBIncOttawa.ca/?eid=ARBCrZKdOsD_V2gAkukwSW1VsoKREBig-PUTbCDyzcwD5FA-LJdUqDofM2NGHKZzD_p5aQWmvKUXlqIF&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=100000786771297&fref=tag


Executive Director Christina Ranieri, SSW, DSW & BA SOC.

Michael Lifshitz, volunteer mentor of Ability First Ottawa, https://www.facebook.com/IllumAbilities/?eid=ARAC54rsnB5WXp9FvVF-NIjiD0iKRXnntFBHxVF7LZAbDtrKIhHIePkhGsgGp9P71JyeCrDUNHme6q6H&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=724567036&fref=tag

and https://www.facebook.com/BreakawayExperiences/?eid=ARCO6X1dplk3DWd7v4qFfiVjYZlRKoYaDsy2rKX7xq0396xIOHTdN1OIwaCATl09fsBxrLq_OO4bVboE&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=724567036&fref=tag

One of many successful Ability First Ottawa: Members/Participants business


About The Author Of The Novel Series – Gandatron

Hi, my name is Maxime-Edouard. I am nineteen years old and I have ASD, ADHD, ODD, and ARND. My disabilities prevent me from communicating with people properly, in particular my ASD prevents me from knowing what others feel. Even though my ASD prevents me from living socially, it also makes me do things my conscience doesn’t want me to do.  What prevents me from avoiding it is a strong piercing uncomfortable feeling in the chest and I start to feel claustrophobic inside my chest. One way to get rid of it for a bit, is breathing heavily 1×1 which means, 1 breath in, and 1 breath out but it has to be strong and with enough air to get rid of the pain. This makes it hard for me when I live with family and friends in the same house. Even though my disabilities are tough on everyone I can still accomplish great things. This includes, 2 college credits in culinary and baking, a red seal high school diploma, Smart Serve, managing a YouTube Channel,  having a job, graduating high school, being able to do beginner coding, being Artistic in all aspects, teaching yourself how to do things right, setting up a whole stereo system that is fully functional, and most of all writing my first three novellas. The three novellas were later combined to make a full science fiction novel from a combination of my brothers ideas and mine. Although I have done all these things and some work is still in progress I needed some help developing myself to get through the things I needed to do to get to where I am. This includes Ability First Ottawa,  having friends, and most of all, You, who I need to thank, for being a great help and reading through all of my biography. I thank you with all my heart and I hope I inspired at least one person with or without ASD to keep trying and help the people who need help no matter their disabilities and worth in society. I hope one of you who reads this will go home and sleep on it, and the next morning, you wake up feeling better about yourself. Throughout the next few days which will turn into years I hope you will help at least one or more person that needs what you can give.

You might not get what you want in return but one day your help will be rewarded back in a way as helpful as you gave to those who needed your help the most.

Direct Quote from: One of the aurthors Max.

Us at Ability First Ottawa are proud of Max and our thankful for his gift to Ability First Ottawa that he donates to the program.

About Gandatron 1

It starts off in another universe outside a simple door. Gandatron is inhabited by giants known as Gandatronians. Our story follows the exciting journey and mystery behind the Gods and creators of the universe and its future rulers. 

We dive into this adventure in the eyes of Timeatron and Alphatronus. 


Click Here For Gandatron Book 1


About Gandatron 2 – The Shadows Of The Light

The universe has been reset. Chaos is among us. Darkness lurks. Will the Gods save the Universe once more like last time or will it fall by the hands of Devastatronus? 

Read this adventure through the eyes of the Darkness itself. You will unleash the mystery behind this fun, epic and chaotic reset.


Click Here For Gandatron Book 2


Another member/ participant coming soon #Joelthemuse


Collab Space

Collab Space is an incubator inspired facility that provides start ups and small businesses a professional work environment among a community of collaborative, growth-oriented peers.


70 Bongard Avenue
Nepean Ontario, Canada
K2E 7Z9

Also check out our New Kanata Location!

300 March Road, 4th Floor
Kanata Ontario, Canada
K2K 2E2



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Want to help Ability First Ottawa then if you shop with *Wish* and use the referral code the points will be used to buy items for our participants, their families and the program it self.

Please use the referral code:  hgssvjq