Welcome to Ability First Ottawa

A resource for those with disabilities and special needs.


Christina Ranieri, Executive Director of the Board of Directors for Ability First Ottawa (AFO), has spent many years working and volunteering with persons with disabilities. From that experience she recognized the need for a local, community driven program which would provide skills, support and training to persons with disabilities in Ottawa. That need became the driving force which, over a period of two years, would push Christina and her team to design, develop and implement the AFO program.
As a person who has lived with disabilities and who works in the disability support field, I have used my extensive experience to design the Ability First Ottawa program. AFO rests on the foundation of research into the needs of persons with disabilities and draws on the knowledge and input of families, and other community providers, who live and work with persons with disabilities every day.
– Christina Ranieri
The core goal of AFO is to inspire others with disabilities to reach their goals and fulfill their potential.  Our program works with people from 10 to 70 years of age providing mentoring, employment skill opportunities and workshops, social programs, as well as recreational and creative activities.  


Christina, having grown up with disabilities and having seen the hardship that other persons with disabilities faced, recognized the need for strong support.  She was fortunate to have always had supportive friends and family in encouraged her to reach her full potential. It was this support that inspired Christina to encourage and help others in reaching their potential.
Working with a wide variety of people and helping them has really made me realize how much support is needed in the disability community.
– Christina Ranieri
AFO has been 2 years in the making and with your support will open in July and start serving the community by providing:
  • Educational programming and workshops
  • Providing mentoring program for youth/ students
  • Promoting volunteering among youth/ students
  • Personal Care